Everyone has their own ultimate truths, mine just happen to be a little "out there" for some. It just so happens that I'm a 23 year old, who can paint and game with the best of them. Learning new strategies and finding new games always makes me happy. I am a contradiction to my self and very hard to classify. Good luck trying, and welcome to the inside of my disorganized brain!! :) - AngelaElizabeth

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Here’s another giveaway and now focusing on underrated books! This time around there will be two winners, each get to pick one book (I’m sorry it couldn’t be more than that) from the ones listed above.


  1. This giveaway is also celebrating my blog hitting 1,000 amazing followers (I love you all) so you must be following me in order to enter. 
  2. The books will be coming from bookdepository so this giveaway will be international.
  3. To enter you can like and then reblog as many times as you wish just try not to annoy your followers
  4. I’m going to be choosing the first winner on July 16 and the second on July 30
  5. Only enter if you’re allowed or are comfortable with giving me your address (I promise not to stalk afterwards)
  6. Make sure your ask box is open, I’ll select a new winner if I can’t contact you.
  7. If the the chosen ones aka the winners do not respond within 48 hours, new winners will be randomly selected 

Good luck!

So I put a new playlist on my iPod a and figured there’s a lot so I won’t listen to them all for a while.

Ever find that one song that breaks you? Completely crushes your mental state of mind, trashes your heart and separates you from the test of the world because it’s the feelings you’ve swept under the rug for so long?

I had to stop what I was doing for 4 hours because of 1 song..

After a long cry I feel better, tired but better..